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Chord Gitar Passenger Words

Chord Gitar Passenger Words
Artis : Passenger
Judul : Words
Album : Whispers II
Genre : Folk Rock, Indie Folk
Label : Nettwerk, Black Crow
Tahun : 2015

Intro: C F C F C G F Verse 1: C Well the first time that I saw her, F C Standing in the middle of the road. F C Eyes as bright as Christmas lights, C G Wearing someone else’s clothes. C I did my best to ignore her, F C But Ignoring my best pretty soon. F C We spent the night all tangled tight, G F C F C In an armchair in my friends front room. Chorus: F G C F C I said darling you know, darling you know I cant stay. Bb F C F C Cause I’ve given my heart and my word to a girl far away. C Em F …

Chord Gitar Adele Hello

Chord Gitar Adele Hello
Artis : Adele
Judul : Hello
Genre : Pop
Album : 25
Label : XL Recordings
Tahun : 2015

Intro : Em G D C Em G D C Hello, it's me Em G D I was wondering if after all these years C Em G D C You'd like to meet, to go over everything Em G They say that time's supposed to heal ya D C But I ain't done much healing Em G D C Hello, can you hear me? Em G D C I'm in California dreaming about who we used to be Em G D C When we were younger and free Em G D C I've forgotten how it felt before the world fell at our feet Pre-Chorus: Em D Bm C There's such a difference between us Em D C And a million miles Chorus: Em C G D Hello from the ot…