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Chord Gitar David Cook - Always Be My Baby

Chord Gitar David Cook - Always Be My Baby
Artis: David Cook
Judul: Always Be My Baby
Genre: Pop, Rock
Album: Single

F# We were as one babe Ebm For a moment in time B And it seemed everlasting G#m C# That you would always be mine Now you want to be free So I’ll letting you fly ‘Cause I know in my heart G#m C# Our love will never die, no.. Chorus F# You’ll always be a part of me B I’m part of you indefinitely Ebm Girl don’t you know you can’t escape me B C# F# Ooh darling ‘cause you’ll always be my baby F# And we’ll linger on B Time can’t erase a feeling this strong Ebm No way you’re ever gonna shake me B C# Oh darling, ‘cause you’ll always be my baby F# I ain't gonna cry now Ebm And I won't beg you to stay B If you're determined to leave girl G#m C# I will not stand in your way But inevitably, you'll be back again 'Cause you know in y…

Chord Gitar Kodaline Way Back When

Chord Gitar Kodaline Way Back When
Artis : Kodaline
Judul : Way Back When
Genre : Alternatif/Indie
Album : In a Perfect World
Label : RCA Victor
Tahun : 2013

Intro : A A We never had that much to do D So we'd just lay around in someone’s house E Someday I’ll have it all again A Just like way back when A Back then we’d sleep until the afternoon D Then we'd just get up and go outside E Open a window, let the breeze blow in, A Forget everything D A E D Yea, those will be the days that I will be missing you A E D When I’m older, when I’m gray and when I’ll stop working A I hope that I can say E STOP When all my days are done A We were just having fun A Well we’d go drinking in the afternoon …